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What Does a Professional Geologist (PG) Do series

Each download is intended to provide a short explanation of the type of work a PG performs (either directly or as responsible charge) for specific industries. For example, many people do not realize the numerous steps involved to investigate potential contamination at a former industrial site (Brownfield) to make it safe for future use, or in the extent of environmental data collected prior to drilling a natural gas well site.  

These downloads provide an overview of work usually done for an industry and not an all-inclusive list of tasks. Additional information and/or geologic work may be needed to address site-specific issues.

1.   Pennsylvania Brownfield Development

2.   Oil/Natural Gas Well Site

3.   Engineering/Geotech

4.   PA Soil Investigations

5.   Mining Industry

6.   Geophysics

7.   Karst Geologic Hazards

8.   PA Environmental Cleanup Site

9.   Public Water Supply - Coming Soon

10.  Landfills-Haz Waste - Coming Soon

11.  Pipeline - Coming Soon

12.  Land Development - Coming Soon


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