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Shale Gas

PCPG has been following the ongoing and increasing level of interest in developing the Marcellus Shale and other shale gas resources that underlie vast areas of Pennsylvania.

PCPG Shale Gas Position Statement December 2014

PCPG supports the responsible development of Pennsylvania's natural resources and has prepared a statement to provide a balanced review and discussion of shale gas development issues.  Visit

Posted 17 November 2014:

First-ever Field Laboratory for the Long-term Study of Shale Gas Resources

West Virginia University and Ohio State University have jointly created the Marcellus Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory, a field site and dedicated research laboratory at the Morgantown (West Virginia) Industrial Park. Together with the DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory and Northeast Natural Energy (a Charleston, WV based private oil and natural gas company that owns and operates the site) the lab will engage a unique and diverse team of geoscientists, hydrologists, engineers, ecologists, social scientists and public health professionals. The team will identify and demonstrate technologies required for best practices in environmentally responsible shale development, from drilling to completion through production.  READ MORE

Posted 18 April, 2014:

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources published a 265-page document on the ecological and environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing on the state forests.


  • Summary Report: Click HERE
  • Full Report: Click HERE

Posted 12 April, 2013:

Technical Rebuttal to Article Claiming a Link between Hydraulic Fracturing and Groundwater Contamination

Gas Shale Occurrence & Impacts in the Delaware River Basin: A Geologic Perspective

Dan A. Billman, P.G. (Billman Geologic Consultants, Inc.) and Valerie Holliday, P.G. (GeoLogos, LLC) presented the above discussion in October 2010 to the Water Resources Association of the Delaware River Basin (WRADRB) as part of PCPG's efforts in ensuring that sound geologic science forms the basis for the economic and political decisions being made with regard to shale gas development in Pennsylvania.  The presentation focuses on the occurrence of shale gas in the Delaware River Basin, as well as the geologic realities that must be considered when discussing the potential for shale gas development to result in environmental impacts.

Shale Gas References

This reference list supplements an article in PCPG's 2nd Quarter 2010 Newsletter prepared by PCPG's Shale Gas Committee (The Marcellus Shale -- On a First-Name Basis).  The papers, reports, and other references on this web page are great resources for better understanding of the technical challenges associated with the Marcellus play.

 PCPG Comments to DRBC on Proposed Gas Development Rulemaking - April 12, 2011

PCPG submitted extensive comments to the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) in April 2011 in regard to DRBC's Proposed Rulemaking for Natural Gas Development Regulations (Article 7 of Part III). 

PCPG is very cognizant of the subjective and selective presentation of shale gas exploration and development information that has been reported in print, broadcast media, and via the Internet.  Often, such selective and subjective information conveys erroneous information to the public and to public officials, resulting in unnecessary confusion, exaggerated concerns, and public calls for restrictive regulation of an industry, based on little more than unsupported allegations, factual inaccuracies or popular opinion.

Accordingly, PCPG's comments appeal to the DRBC to base its regulations on best management practices (BMPs) and sound science.  The comments are detailed in nature and specifically address proposed regulations related to administration of the regulations, water sources for gas development, and well pad requirements.

Other Shale Gas Resources:

PCPG's Shale Gas Committee (SGC) offers the following links as valuable resources in understanding the occurrence and development of shale gas resources in Pennsylvania:

The Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research (MCOR) publishes a wide variety of shale gas data resouces including Presentations & Videos, Publications, and Maps & Graphics.

Expanding Knowledge of Marcellus Shale Development, from Penn State Ag Science Magazine.


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