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What others have said about PCPG's Hydrostructural Geology: The Geology within Hydrogeology

July 2019 • Reading, PA

Thomas D. Gillespie, P.G. (Gilmore & Associates, Inc.)

Most useful or valuable thing learned from today's seminar

  • Working on the case studies
  • Varying influence of planar discontinuities
  • Looking forward to applying the model to predict/assist understanding of plume width in fract. rock.
  •  the way I think about groundwater and structural geology.
  • Reinforcement of fracture flow mechanics, and localized variability within the overall field gradient.
  • Better understanding of flow through fractures and joints. Use structural geology techniques in bedrock aquifer investigations.
  • right sections... plume migration
  • practical examples
  • Visualization with the glass box regarding how anisotrophy is evaluated
  • flow doesn't follow strike
  • Refresher for right sections and geologic mapping; structure problems were fun!
  • Discussion of anisotrophy in ground water flow
  • provided me with knowledge on how to more accurately calculate groundwater gradient/direction.
  • Very clear drawings conveying 3D concepts
  • Relationships between joints, bedding planes and gw flow
  • Case studies showing proven results that follow the blended model
  • I found the interpolation method to be useful.

Specific feedback, positive or negative to help us improve course content and presentation

  • Excellent discussion of the trigonometry of fracture flow, right sections, graphical methods, outcrop patterns.
  • Great course with impressive amount of information.
  • Great instructor!!!
  • Good stuff and excellent presenter, but Tom is very familiar with the topic and terms, and consultants are not. Need to 'dumb' down some of the terms.
  • Good review of basic structural geology principles.
  • Great training and very informative. Would be better if two-day course.
  • Pace was a bit fast.
  • Great structural geology refresher.
  • Excellent presenter - keeps interest high throughout.
  • Convincingly conveys the idea that structural geology is determinate for fractured rock geology.
  • It is a complex topic but Tom breaks it down with good materials, examples and presentation. It would have been helpful to lead-off with overview of what will be covered so ensuing materials has more context in overall learning objectives.
  • Excellent course! Excellent instructor!
  • Just great!
  • Very impressed by course materials and presentation by instructor.
  • Tom is an amazing wealth of knowledge, and an excellent speaker; very engaging.
  • A bit too much information for one day - a lot to soak in - but overall an excellent structural refresher.
  • A more step-by-step presentation of construction of right section would be helpful.

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