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What others have said about PCPG's PG Review Course for the Practicing Geologist and ASBOGĀ® Exam Candidate seminars

  • Sed/Strat and Structure segments very informative
  • Excellent job providing a framework for additional study.
  • The course helped identify areas of weakness that I need to focus on during test prep.
  • I thought the course was very good. The instuctors did the best they could to cover the immense topics they presented.
  • The mock exam was very helpful. Since there is so much information covered in two-days-this course is mostly "what you need to learn" instead of teaching. However, it did confirm everything from the ASBOG review book that will be covered on the exam.
  • Good review of Mineralogy/Paleo and Sed/Strat
  • Should be 3-5 days.
  • Engineering Geology very helpful
  • Dr. Harris had a ton of energy and passion for his field.
  • Really excellent instructors. Speed of material was crazy fast but no way around that to cover so much material.
    Amazingly, no one glossed over or fell asleep.
  • Good refresher. Now I know what I need to study.
  • It was great! I enjoyed learning about engineering geology.
  • Speakers very knowledgeable Same as Day 1, could have made the whole training three-days. Venue great.
  • Hydro terms and equations were very helpful
  • Great instructors. Day Two: Would have liked to see more photos, illustrations and practical examples.
  • Will never forget the four types of earthquake waves or their order after the dancing demo!
  • Good presenters with useful resources to reference during studying.
  • I wanted to thank your organization, and particularly the individuals involved for putting together an excellent review course for the PG exam. I was successful in passing the exam in another state, and given how long I’ve been out of school (longer than I care to admit), I am extremely pleased. Keep up the good work.

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